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The Media Has Largely Ignored The Various Misstatements Made By Both Obama And Biden While Playing Up Every Gaffe Sarah Palin Makes

The Lame Stream Media did this to former President George W. Bush and they are going to try to do the same to former Gov. Sarah Palin … but, we won’t let them!!

Sarah Palin who has been ridiculed for her North Korean gaffe called for the media to apply even standards when it comes to candidates and their invariable gaffes.

From her Facebook page.

My fellow Americans in all 57 states, the time has changed for come. With our country founded more than 20 centuries ago, we have much to celebrate – from the FBI’s 100 days to the reforms that bring greater inefficiencies to our health care system. We know that countries like Europe are willing to stand with us in our fight to halt the rise of privacy, and Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s.  And let’s face it, everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma and they end up taking up a hospital bed. It costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early, and they got some treatment, and ah, a breathalyzer, or an inhalator. I mean, not a breathalyzer, ah, I don’t know what the term is in Austrian for that…

Of course, the paragraph above is based on a series of misstatements and   verbal gaffes made by Barack Obama (I didn’t have enough time to do one   for Joe Biden). YouTube links are provided just in case you doubt the   accuracy of these all too human slips-of-the-tongue. If you can’t   remember hearing about them, that’s because for the most part the media   didn’t consider them newsworthy. I have no complaint about that.  Everybody makes the occasional verbal gaffe – even news anchors .

Obviously,  I would have been even more impressed if the media showed some consistency on this issue. Unfortunately, it seems they couldn’t resist the temptation to turn a simple one word slip-of-the-tongue of mine into a major political headline. The one word slip occurred yesterday during one of my seven back-to-back interviews wherein I was privileged to speak to the American public about the important, world-changing issues before us.

If the media had bothered to actually listen to all of my remarks on Glenn Beck’s radio show they would have noticed that I refer to South Korea as our ally throughout, that I corrected myself seconds after my slip-of-the-tongue,  and that I made it abundantly clear that pressure should be put on China to restrict energy exports to the North Korean regime. The media could even have done due diligence and checked my previous statements on the subject, which have always been consistent, and in fact even ahead of the curve .  But why let the facts get in the way of a good story? (And for that matter, why not just make up stories out of thin air – like the totally false hard news story which has run for three days now reporting that I lobbied the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” to cast a former Senate candidate on their show. That lie is further clear proof that the media completely makes things up without doing even rudimentary fact-checking.)

“Hope springs eternal” as the poet says.  Let’s hope that perhaps, just maybe, they might get it right next time.  When we the people are effective in holding America’s free press accountable for responsible and truthful reporting, then we shall all have even more to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

– Sarah Palin

Palin has a point.  The media has largely ignored the various misstatements made by both Obama and Biden while playing up every gaffe she makes.

And it’s not that the media thinks the president or the veep should get a pass based on their respective offices but because it represents a bias to protect them from embarrassment. That was not the standard with president Bush who was a perpetual gaffe machine and was a constant target of the liberal media.

To a certain degree Palin has now inherited that mantle as she moves closer to a 2012 presidential run and becomes more of a threat to Obama and the Democrats and the media would like to negate that threat as soon as possible.  I must give Palin credit for having the courage to take on the press and hold their feet to the fire which very few Republicans have been willing to do in the past.

Conservatives will need more of that kind of courage if they are to succeed in beating back the liberal media in the future.

H/t Don Irvine/Canada Free Press


American Thinker and Gov. Palin’s Summons to Serve

American Thinker columnist Robert Eugene Simmons, Jr. yesterday presented a powerful argument for why Gov. Palin should run for President in 2012:

I can’t think of a reason why Palin would want to be president and move to Washington. She clearly loves Alaska and has a wonderful family who also love Alaska as home. Palin clearly has a good thing going with the influence she has on national politics and election cycles. On a personal level, she has been able to amass a small fortune in being who she is. I don’t begrudge her the fortune, and I don’t blame her for her love of the wild beauty of Alaska.

I can’t think of a single reason she would want to move to an urban environment often choked with crime and poverty. I can’t think of a good reason why she should want even more scrutiny into her life and her doings with her children and submit to being organized 24 hours a day. I can’t think of why she would want to brave the wall of vitriol that would come from the left as well as many Republican establishment types. Make no mistake that if she does run for president, you can expect every rude, misogynistic, and disgusting word in several languages to be thrown her way.

In fact, there is only one reason I can ask Sarah Palin to brave the sewers of a presidential run. The reason is that we need her. (emphasis mine)

Simmons wrote that while other lesser-known political figures have taken on the establishment, “only Palin has shown the charisma and powerful speaking skills that can pack an auditorium to a sold-out crowd ten minutes after announcement….she speaks from the heart.”

Citing Gov. Palin’s vetoing of a law barring domestic benefits for same-sex couples when she first took office, Simmons wrote that she will ensure the law is enforced regardless of personal beliefs. Joe Hilley wrote about this extensively in Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader.

He applauded her unique brand of religiosity and tolerance. Though Simmons is agnostic, he feels very comfortable around Gov. Palin.

“Palin is utterly fearless, willing to take on her own party, the other party, the Federal Reserve, and anyone else who needs to be taken on to forward the interest of America,” he wrote and unyielding in her patriotism.

He wrote about her intelligence and savvy.

As Palin’s knowledge of policy, economics, and government has grown, so has the counter-story being put out by the establishment. Thanks to the internet, people can look up Palin’s past, listen to her speeches, and examine her record; the need to rely on the “big three” news services has been supplanted by the internet. Furthermore, on those same sites, Palin’s foes have been revealed as nasty, misogynistic, and potentially violent people.

“I am sorry, Sarah Palin, but we need you to serve — and for that, we need you to run,” he concluded.

Please share this story.

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The Thanksgiving Table: The Pumpkin Pie

Bless the Lord…who satisfies your mouth with good things…
Psalm 103:1, 5

The pumpkin pie has one great purpose in a thanksgiving feast–to remind us that the best is yet to come. There on the table are our traditional favorites: green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, corn, slaw, the turkey and dressing, rolls with butter, and maybe a new dish or two. But the best is saved for last–pumpkin pie–sweeter than anything that precedes it.

As Christians, we enjoy a cornucopia of blessings every day. Psalm 103 tells us to bless the Lord with all that is within us and not to forget all His benefits. Ephesians 1:3 reminds us we’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.

But the best is yet to come. When the great missionary Adoniram Judson was asked about the prospects for evangelizing Burma, he replied that the prospects there were “just as bright as the promises of God.” We can say the same about our own prospects–for every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.

To trust God is to trust His promises. And to trust God’s promises is to be sure of their fulfillment. This assurance concerning the future, anchored in God’s promises, is what the Bible calls “hope.”
Scott Hafemann

H/t  (Today’s Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah)

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Tea Party Conservatives Respond

Last week a dozen Tea Party activists signed on to a letter to Congress urging them to abandon social issues and focus exclusively on economic matters. The letter was sponsored by the homosexual rights advocacy group GOProud. This week, more than 150 Tea Party organizers sent a separate letter to congressional leaders rebuking the GOProud letter, stating “America is a conservative country. We expect conservative leadership…”

The letter lists seven demands:

*Defund ObamaCare;

*Seriously reduce spending

*Defund the “liberal-political complex” including ACORN and Planned Parenthood

*Disallow any increase in the debt ceiling without a

plan to cut spending

*Permanently extend the Bush tax cuts

*Vote down amnesty legislation

*Retain the 1993 law banning open homosexuality in the military

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Thanks In, Not For

In everything give thanks;  for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

What could have motivated Horatio Spafford to pen the words to the mighty hymn “It Is Well with My Soul?” Before writing the hymn he had lost his only son in 1871, been financially ruined by the great Chicago fire of the same year, and then lost his four daughters at sea in 1873. His motivation was likely the truth of 1 Thessalonians 5:18: “In everything give thanks.”

Many claim the verse is unrealistic: How could anyone give thanks for events like Spafford endured? But the verse says to give thanks in all things, not for all things. God expects no one to be thankful for tragedies that befall us in this life. But He does expect us to trust Him in the midst of such circumstances. In those difficult times, we can thank God that He will cause all things to work together for good in our life (Romans 8:28). While we grieve for those events and the losses incurred, we can give thanks even while in their midst.

Giving thanks when things are good requires enthusiasm, but giving thanks in hard times requires faith. If you are in the midst of difficulties, begin each of your days with a prayer of thanks.  It will make a difference.

Prayer without thanksgiving is like a bird without wings.
William Hendriksen

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We Give Thanks To The Lord

We give thanks for everything;  For this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus

1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Bristol And Mark Miss The Mirror Ball But Win the Hearts Of America!

Take a bow, Bristol and Mark!  You have accomplished your mission!  Superb performance!  We have enjoyed every minute of your journey and quite frankly, we hate to see it come to a close.

You may never know the impact the two of you have made on millions of adoring fans.  Each week for three months straight, millions of us cleared our Monday and Tuesday night schedules so we could watch you and Mark create magic right before our eyes.

Bristol and Mark better known as Team Balin poured their heart and soul into every dance they did.  Bristol had the best teacher and it appears that Mark had the best student he has ever had on DWTS,  He said this is the first time that he has had a partner who had no music performance background or dance or acting experience. He said she did not know where to place her feet and now look at her!  He said she was so shy when they first met and now she has blossomed like a beautiful flower.  It’s not easy to give yourself over into the hands of a complete stranger but that is what Bristol did.  Mark assured her of his sincere commitment to guide her in this journey of becoming a dancer and she gave him her complete trust.  He is so proud of Bristol’s growth and development and best of all he and we got to watch it all.

To place third in a ballroom dance competition ain’t bad when you start out with a non-performing background.  having said that, I believe we will never really know how many votes were cast for Bristol on the final night of competition.  What we do know is that the judges or at least 2 of them are liberal and biased.  They did not hide it and were quite happy and enthused  to clear the path for their fellow liberal, Jennifer Grey.

Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars adventure ended, but if this chapter had to come to a close, if tonight’s dance was her last televised dance, what better way to go out than having the courage to step out of her comfort zone the last few weeks–once in a monkey suit, no less–and have the time of her life? These were her goals after all, were they not?

Yes, mission accomplished. Congratulations, Bristol Palin!

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What’s Your Take On President Obama, Barbara Bush?? Sorry, We Didn’t Get That?

Not a word about President Obama and the destructive policies he is using to destroy our country, but oh, she did not waste a second to take a dig at Gov. Palin when asked the following question, “What’s your take on Sarah Palin?” by Larry King on the Larry King Show.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush

The real question is why is Barbara Bush saying “she hopes Palin stays in Alaska”

Yep, that was a sly, nasty very catty dig made by the former First Lady toward Sarah Palin.  This was not a slip of the tongue because Mrs. Bush’s words were very carefully worded and measured.  She was prepared for the question and answered it perfectly to the liking of Larry King and other Sarah Palin detractors.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Bush’s remarks will be used over and over again by those who hate Gov. Palin to denigrate her and belittle her credibility.  Hmmm, something like what the mainstream media did to Mrs. Bush’s son, former President George W. Bush.  How ironic.

The quip, which is widely reported by the lame stream media, reveals several things, none of them complimentary to the former First Lady.
Baldfaced Sexism and Misogyny?

The emphasis on Gov. Palin’s feminine beauty combined with the “advice” to stay in Alaska is baldfaced sexism and misogyny and what makes it worse is coming from another woman. This is tantamount to saying that Gov. Palin’s “place” is “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.” How else is one supposed to interpret, “she was beautiful..very happy in Alaska…I hope she’ll stay there”?

Mrs. Bush, what a pity, we expected so much more civility from you.  You have just lost a considerable amount of respect from many patriotic Americans who see former Governor Sarah Palin in a different light than you and Larry King do.

Mrs. Palin has a lifetime of accomplishments. She can run circles around our present occupant in the Oval Office.  I would advise you Mrs. Bush to be careful with your speech.  Your son, our former 43rd president, has just written a book in which he explains his decisions he made during his eight years of president and the process he used to make those decisions.

The very man, Larry King, who elicited that unfortunate statement from you about Mrs. Palin, is one of the leaders of the pack wolves who attacked your son, George W. Bush, while  he was in office, for what they in the mainstream media describe as ignorant, stupid and ill prepared to lead our country.

Those of us who love your son and believe that he was a strong president who kept our country safe during the last decade cannot understand how you could have said such a demeaning thing about Gov. Palin, who admires  and respects your son, former President Bush.

Home of the Bush compound

Mrs. Bush, maybe you should stay in Kennebunkport, Me.

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