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Bristol Was Beautiful And Brilliant And Brave Tonight

Bristol received standing ovations tonight after both of her dances.  She has come such a long way on her journey to becoming a ballroom dancer.  She also received her highest scores ever.

She and her partner, Mark Ballas, danced the Paso Doble, for which they received a score of 27 and they danced the Slow Waltz and received a score of 26.  They may have ended up at the bottom again – but she had to be happy to receive a total score of 53 on semi-final night.

This beautiful young woman from Wasilla, Alaska, who drove her truck all the way to Hollywood from Wasilla over the span of 5 days – alone – is a brave heart indeed.

It makes my stomach churn when I hear or read the cruel, nasty, petty remarks about her not being  qualified for the semi-finals.  If we can remember, the object of this show is to take a person who is a newbie to dance, really a non-dance individual and turn them into a ballroom dancer in 3 months.

Those are the qualifications and Bristol fits the bill a hundred times more than any of her three competitors.  Bristol is someone with no musical background, no dance training and no performance experience, who just showed up with determination, a hard-work ethic, tough skin and nerves of steel and the greatest smile.

She listened to everything her professional partner taught her and executed the dance routines on the dance floor with the likes of professional actors, dancers, singers, sports figures, entertainer, etc.

Yes, you betcha’, Bristol Palin deserves to be in the semi-finals and the finals and to WIN the coveted trophy!

Those naysayers who keep insisting that she should not be in the semi-finals, may I say that Jennifer, Brandy and maybe Kyle should not be there.  They are members of the performing arts and have skills that they have learned and used for years.  Bristol had none!!

Take a look at the drama queen, Jennifer Grey, when she appeared in the 1987 movie, ‘Dirty Dancing’

Although, Jennifer has changed her face these days, she had those same moves last night that she had back in 1987 – she is not a newcomer to dancing.  Her father and mother are choreographers and actors, and Bristol is standing on the same dance floor with a person with this kind of dance experience!  Get it??

Now, let’s take a look at desperate Brandy when she appeared in the 1997 remake of the Rodgers and Hammerstein ‘Cinderella’ movie

Are we getting the picture of what Bristol is  up against?

And last, but certainly not least, let’s look at Kyle, who is an actor, a rapper and all around entertainer, who is very, very comfortable in front of a camera.  We heard his mother say that from a young age, she know that Kyle and his brother would be in show business.  Here’s one of Kyle’s rap videos

Kyle is a consummate performer – make no mistake, he knows how to turn up the volume when he needs to.

The judges gave our 10s last night like they were going out of style.  Everyone received a 10 or, multiple 10s except Bristol.  Hmmm, I wonder why?

She may not have performing arts experience but she has presence and she has improved  each week.  her foot work is impeccable.  She makes you just want to watch her and cheer her along.  It’s like she said in her interview with Mark and the other couples on the Larry King Show, she is everyday people just like you and me.  people relate to her and want to help her win.

She is one gutsy little lady and she just shines because of her genuine niceness and sweetness.  She said in one of the video clips below, people like her and vote for her because they know she is not fake.  She is not the Hollywood type.  She is pretty savvy at handling rude interviewers – did you hear Larry King sneak a Levi Johnston question in?  She put King right back in his place and refused to be drawn into inappropriate  questions.

Her first dance last night was the Paso Doble to the song, ‘Gimme Me More’, by Britney Spears, which was just fun to watch-

Her last dance was the Slow Waltz to music from the soundtrack of Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’. This dance brought tears to my eyes as I watched her glide across the floor.  As I listened to the music and thought back to the movie, I could not help but think of how Jesus Christ was treated during his crucifixion.  While none of us will never know what that was like, and can never compare ourselves or our journey through life to Christ, I imagined that Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol, have a few painful stories they could tell all of us.

Bristol’s face, as she was receiving the judges’ remarks about her performance, told us of some of that pain.  She was surely thinking of all the hard work and time she has put into this dance show, and to stand and listen to Carrie Ann find just one more thing to criticize and not understand the emotion and passion of the theme of the music was appalling.  Carrie Ann is one petty individual and they should replace her next year.

Now, we wait and pray that we have called enough times to send our winner’s choice to the finals next week.  She is last in Hollywood’s mind to win, but as the scripture says, the last shall be first.

I must not forget to commend Mark Ballas for his wonderful, sweet spirit.  He has been terrific with Bristol.  We never saw him lose his temper with her.  He never raised his voice with her.  He had the patience of Job and the heart of an angel.

We love you Mark.  Bristol could not have had a better teacher and partner.

Lord, victory for Bristol and Mark, is what we ask of you.  Thank you.

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