Bristol And Mark Honored The LORD And The LORD Honored Them, They Are Going To The Finals

In scripture, in 1Samuel 2:30, it says …

30 “Therefore the LORD, the God of Israel, declares: ‘I promised that members of your family would minister before me forever.’ But now the LORD declares: ‘Far be it from me! Those who honor me I will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained.

Last night’s elimination process on Dancing With the Stars was what I consider a ‘statement from God.‘  Apparently, He said it was Bristol and Mark’s turn to be honored by having a place in the finals.

The previous evening, Bristol and Mark had honored Him by performing their Slow Waltz in tribute to the crucifixion of of His Son, Jesus Christ.  They danced to a song from Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ. It was Mark’s idea to perform their semi-final round waltz to that particular music.

“John Denby is one of my favorite composers and that song is just so powerful and it’s something that I think both of us really believe in and we’re passionate about the music,” Mark explained. “It’s just moving… my favorite thing in the world is music and to be moved by music is just the most beautiful thing… and especially if you watched the movie, when that song is playing [over] the scene that’s happening it’s just so inspiring and so motivating. The song is just gorgeous and I’ve always wanted to dance to it.”

They had been working long, long days and long hours on their waltz.  It paid off – God took notice even though Carrie Ann did not.  She said that Bristol again wandered off during the dance and lost her connection with the audience.  Carrie Ann gave them a score of 8.  She did not understand Bristol’s interpretation of the most awe inspiring sacrifice the world has ever seen.  Bristol had her character spot on.

You turned into somebody else on that last one,” Mark told his partner. “You turned around and I was like, ‘Oh! All right! Game on! Let’s go!’ It really felt good. I was really proud.”

What Carrie Ann had to do was score Bristol lower than her competitors and over score the competitors so there would be no doubt to the audience and the world that, Bristol would be the least likely to survive, bcause in their minds she did not belong and she had to be placed at the bottom of the heap.

Well, God cast His vote for Bristol.  He watched her drive her truck all the way from Wasilla, Alaska over the span of 4 or 5 days into the Left-Wing capitol of the USA, Hollywood.  He knew that His spirit was in her and on her and He knew she would run into some problems and some issues.  Because of that, He simply gave her an extra dose of anointing of the Holy Spirit.

He watched her take the challenge of learning how to dance.  He knew she had no knowledge of dance, performing arts, acting, show business, etc.  The one thing He knew that she had was determination, ability to work hard, willingness to take criticism, humility, kindness for others, and a merry heart. He simply cleared the path for her because He has this relationship with her.  Bristol is a Christian and she loves the Lord.

On the evening of the semi-finals, God was in the audience watching everyone and everything.  He saw the deceit in some of the comments of the judges.  He saw the sense of entitlement in some of Bristol’s competitors.  He saw the arrogance of some members of the Hollywood community present in the audience.  He saw the over scoring of Bristol’s competitors and the under scoring of Bristol’s performances.  He saw the lack of fairness in the judges’ grading of Bristol’s effort and undeniable growth as a dancer.

So He spoke. I am in no way saying that God loves some more than others.  No, He loves all of us unconditionally.  That is why He sent His Son to die on the cross to pay for all of our sin.  What I am saying is, Bristol came with humbleness and Brandy came with arrogance and a sense of entitlement. It appears that Bristol was happy to just be there and compete but Brandy gave us the sense that she had to win at all costs.  She said that if she did not win, she would have to see a doctor!

Brandy felt from day one she would win.  She made numerous remarks about how she just had to win.  At one point, she referred to the fact that she is a singer and that was a good thing because she has music.  She even said, ‘I’ve got this.”

Folk, Brandy desperately needed to revive her performing career and the Mirror Ball was the path she had chosen to do that.

Bristol did not register on their radar in Hollywood as a potential contender and forget being a potential winner.  They view her as an outsider and they were not prepared to have to deal with the fact that she could win the Mirror Ball.

Did you see the faces of Jennifer Grey and her partner, Derek Hough as the announcement of Brandy’s elimination was made?

Look at them again-

It is clear that all of them, including the judges, were set for Bristol’s exit.  Did you notice Kyle placing his hands on his hips and Brooke and Bruno actually said they were so shocked.  Bruno stands up and tells the audience that you have to vote because every vote counts?  He goes as far as telling Brandy that he is disappointed and encourages her to perform her Free-Style Dance with Maks next week? That was most inappropriate because Bristol and Mark are standing right there and listening to the hostess and one of the judges lament over Brandy’s elimination!

It was appalling!  Here we have Kyle and Lacey’s reactions-

Yep, adorable Kyle is in on it too – we just heard him say another unpredictable day at DWTS.  In his mind, Bristol was supposed to be history!

Then we have the drama queen Jennifer Grey and her partner, Derek Hough, who by the way is best friends with Bristol’s partner, Mark Ballas reacting to Brandy’s exit.  Just listen to Jennifer shower Brandy with praise (even though phony)  She says very little about Bristol-

I mean, really Jennifer?  On November 5, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you were asked your opinion of your competitors and how they were doing and you said to Jay that you had no opinion because you only had enough energy for yourself … that you don’t have the energy to keep up with the progress of your competitors.  What I took from that was that you didn’t really care about anyone else there because it’s all about you.

You’ll notice that these interviews were done by TV Guide and even their interviewer showed her bias when interviewing the last 3 competitors for the finals, she asked Kyle and Lacey and Jennifer and Derek about the elimination of Brandy.  When she interviewed Bristol and Mark she never mentioned Brandy’s name, watch –

I’m sure many of us would like to know Bristol’s feelings about the Brandy’s elimination – but this interviewer did not find the words to ask Bristol what she thought.

I will admit that I was overwhelmed with emotion when they announced Brandy’s name instead of Bristol’s.  When Kyle was told early in the show that he was safe along with Jennifer, that frightened me.  I thought if Kyle was not eliminated then it would most likely be Bristol.

I thought that because in our home we had experienced a difficult time casting our votes for Bristol.  It took each of us over an hour to vote online.  We thought that Bristol’s line had been rigged or something.  It turned out that so many of us were trying to vote for her that we jammed the online page for her and Mark.

It was simply the hand of God moving in Hollywood Tuesday night when Bristol and Mark were given a place in the finals next week.

You are blessed, Bristol and Mark.  Do well and enjoy every minute of it.  You have earned it!!  Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

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