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This Is It! Bristol’s Big Night!

Action: “Operation Bristol” Last Dance(s)

November 22, 2010 03:24 EST

**NOTE: Please check back with this post regularly. It will be updated with any new information regarding the show and voting**As you all know “Operation Bristol” was a fun, simple reminder for all “Dancing with the Stars” Bristol Palin fans that it was time to vote. There was never any organizing and there wasn’t even any regular posting about it here at the blog. But that is now changing due to the increasing attacks against Bristol, which escalated to an obscene point on Friday when Bristol received a threatening letter containing a white powder at the DWTS studios. Police and the FBI shut down the production offices, and fortunately the powder was not anthrax and Bristol was eventually able to continue with her rehearsal.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone this happened considering for weeks liberals and the lamestream media have been fueling a bizarre hysteria over Bristol’s success on the show and complaints of “conspiracy” because of projects like “Operation Bristol” which simply reminds and encourages fans to vote, which is exactly the point of the show.

Through the weeks Bristol has won the hearts of America and despite not being a professional dancer or the strongest dancer on the show, she has been “safe” week after week because the viewers (her fans) have put her there. Look, DWTS isn’t, as Pat S. noted to me “about fine appreciation of dance. Their purpose is to provide entertainment and draw an audience.” Bristol has helped them do that and in the process people have gotten to know and appreciate that young woman.

Even Tom Bergeron, the host of DWTS has chimed in with a rather direct and colorful suggestion to those who complain about Bristol’s success on the show and allege some sort of “conspiracy:”

Tom Bergeron to Bristol Palin Conspiracy Theorists:

Let’s address the Bristol thing. That’s the thing I get the biggest kick out of on the show. I’m going to put on my political hat. I’m a liberal Democrat, and I state that proudly. But I have no patience with my friends who believe there is a conspiracy keeping Bristol on the show. They’ll say, and they’re friends of a similar political persuasion though I have friends across the spectrum, “Oh, well! She’s still on the show! She’s obviously not the best dancer! She gets the lowest scores!” My response to that is similar to my response to the midterm elections. I’ll say, “OK, right. So who did you vote for instead of Bristol?” “Uh, well, I don’t vote!” “Well, then, f*ck you.” I mean, basically! You can clean that up. I have no patience for that! If you don’t participate to create a different outcome — and this can be true in national politics or a TV reality show — then don’t piss and moan if you don’t like the way it’s playing out. You know, I’m sorry! I think Bristol is clearly not the best dancer here, but she’s a charming young woman who’s shown an incredible growth from week one to this week. If she happens to get more votes for whatever reason, more power to her. If you don’t like it, vote for someone else. But that’s been the part of the show that’s amused me, how quickly people are to seize on conspiracy theories when people aren’t involved in the process.


Up until now “Operation Bristolhas been a rather casual effort, but I am now asking all of you to send a message to the LibProg haters out there who think they can terrorize Bristol out of this competition or scare her fans away. She has come back stronger than ever and has not let the lies, distortions and threats distract her from her work. Let’s support that effort and make sure our own matches hers.

Here is what you can expect from the DWTS Finals on Monday and Tuesday, and how you can maximize your support:  Pray for Bristol and Mark, that’s most important

1) Each couple will be performing two dances each night. The public voting, however, will be only on Monday night. The judges voting will be applied to both nights. This means the percentages of the public vote with the judges votes will be completely different compared to the other weeks. The judges will have twice the power they have had before. This means , of course, your vote matters more than ever.

2) Please make sure you vote in every format. You can vote online from the beginning of the show until 11am ET the next day. You can call in your vote, and you can text in your vote but only on an ATT phone. Normally I launch “Operation Bristol” as the show starts on the east coast, but I’m posting this now to give you time during the day to make sure you can make arrangements for voting in all venues. If your phone doesn’t have ATT, for example, find a friend who does and ask to use their phone ;) NOTE: As of Sunday night the ABC site had removed their Voting instructions page. We’ll keep an eye on that and see if the process of voting for Monday night has changed, but prepare as though it is the same as before.

3) I hear from many people who support Bristol but don’t know how to vote or are too busy. One of your projects, should you choose to accept it, is to persuade at least one other person to vote for Bristol. Many also ask “Should I vote for her if she’s not the best dancer?” The only rule here is that you vote for your favorite, for whatever reason that might be. That’s what the show is all about–supporting your favorite based on what ‘s important to you.

VOTE BY PHONE – 1(800)868-3407

VOTE ONLINE – Go to ABC.com – Sign in

There have been some reports in the lamestream media of “cheating” and of course the ridiculous “conspiracy” claims when all the teams organize their fans to vote for them. Last time I checked voting for your favorite was not only within the rules of the competition, it is the rule of competition. Conservatives helped LibProgs face their problem with cheating when we took down ACORN, and they’re learning another lesson from conservatives–how to win fairly using persuasion and organizing.

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Oh Dear Me, Not You Too, Barbara Bush!

Why On Earth Is Barbara Bush saying “she hopes Palin stays in Alaska”

I guess she and former President George Bush Sr. are really confused by all of this “Tea Party Business??

Well, President and Mrs. Bush Sr., so sorry to break it to you this way … but the sooner the better.

We, the voters, will have a lot to say about Mrs. Palin’s future residence.  You really don’t have to worry it this time.  Thanks

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