What’s Your Take On President Obama, Barbara Bush?? Sorry, We Didn’t Get That?

Not a word about President Obama and the destructive policies he is using to destroy our country, but oh, she did not waste a second to take a dig at Gov. Palin when asked the following question, “What’s your take on Sarah Palin?” by Larry King on the Larry King Show.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush

The real question is why is Barbara Bush saying “she hopes Palin stays in Alaska”

Yep, that was a sly, nasty very catty dig made by the former First Lady toward Sarah Palin.  This was not a slip of the tongue because Mrs. Bush’s words were very carefully worded and measured.  She was prepared for the question and answered it perfectly to the liking of Larry King and other Sarah Palin detractors.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Bush’s remarks will be used over and over again by those who hate Gov. Palin to denigrate her and belittle her credibility.  Hmmm, something like what the mainstream media did to Mrs. Bush’s son, former President George W. Bush.  How ironic.

The quip, which is widely reported by the lame stream media, reveals several things, none of them complimentary to the former First Lady.
Baldfaced Sexism and Misogyny?

The emphasis on Gov. Palin’s feminine beauty combined with the “advice” to stay in Alaska is baldfaced sexism and misogyny and what makes it worse is coming from another woman. This is tantamount to saying that Gov. Palin’s “place” is “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.” How else is one supposed to interpret, “she was beautiful..very happy in Alaska…I hope she’ll stay there”?

Mrs. Bush, what a pity, we expected so much more civility from you.  You have just lost a considerable amount of respect from many patriotic Americans who see former Governor Sarah Palin in a different light than you and Larry King do.

Mrs. Palin has a lifetime of accomplishments. She can run circles around our present occupant in the Oval Office.  I would advise you Mrs. Bush to be careful with your speech.  Your son, our former 43rd president, has just written a book in which he explains his decisions he made during his eight years of president and the process he used to make those decisions.

The very man, Larry King, who elicited that unfortunate statement from you about Mrs. Palin, is one of the leaders of the pack wolves who attacked your son, George W. Bush, while  he was in office, for what they in the mainstream media describe as ignorant, stupid and ill prepared to lead our country.

Those of us who love your son and believe that he was a strong president who kept our country safe during the last decade cannot understand how you could have said such a demeaning thing about Gov. Palin, who admires  and respects your son, former President Bush.

Home of the Bush compound

Mrs. Bush, maybe you should stay in Kennebunkport, Me.


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