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Bristol And Mark Miss The Mirror Ball But Win the Hearts Of America!

Take a bow, Bristol and Mark!  You have accomplished your mission!  Superb performance!  We have enjoyed every minute of your journey and quite frankly, we hate to see it come to a close.

You may never know the impact the two of you have made on millions of adoring fans.  Each week for three months straight, millions of us cleared our Monday and Tuesday night schedules so we could watch you and Mark create magic right before our eyes.

Bristol and Mark better known as Team Balin poured their heart and soul into every dance they did.  Bristol had the best teacher and it appears that Mark had the best student he has ever had on DWTS,  He said this is the first time that he has had a partner who had no music performance background or dance or acting experience. He said she did not know where to place her feet and now look at her!  He said she was so shy when they first met and now she has blossomed like a beautiful flower.  It’s not easy to give yourself over into the hands of a complete stranger but that is what Bristol did.  Mark assured her of his sincere commitment to guide her in this journey of becoming a dancer and she gave him her complete trust.  He is so proud of Bristol’s growth and development and best of all he and we got to watch it all.

To place third in a ballroom dance competition ain’t bad when you start out with a non-performing background.  having said that, I believe we will never really know how many votes were cast for Bristol on the final night of competition.  What we do know is that the judges or at least 2 of them are liberal and biased.  They did not hide it and were quite happy and enthused  to clear the path for their fellow liberal, Jennifer Grey.

Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars adventure ended, but if this chapter had to come to a close, if tonight’s dance was her last televised dance, what better way to go out than having the courage to step out of her comfort zone the last few weeks–once in a monkey suit, no less–and have the time of her life? These were her goals after all, were they not?

Yes, mission accomplished. Congratulations, Bristol Palin!

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