The ties that bind President Obama, Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Rev. Jeremiah “Bombastic” Wright and Muammer Qaddafi run deep, deep across the south side of Chicago.   These ties are the reason for Obama’s dithering over Libya before Secy Clinton brought him to the No Fly Zone table kicking and screaming.  I should tell you that the Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood which houses the mansions of Obama and Farrakhan and Bill Ayers is buzzin’ like a chain saw.

Gaddafi has a special relationship with Obama’s former pastor and spiritual advisor Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.  Reverend Wright accompanied the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to Tripoli to visit the brutal Gaddafi.  Reverend Wright described the trip as a “social visit”.

Barack Obama and Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr.

For nearly 25 year Gaddafi has financed and strongly supported the Nation of Islam and its leader Louis Farrakhan.  With the ousting of Gaddafi that financial backing would surely dry up.

Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, Wright himself noted the trip could be problematic for Obama.

“When (Obama) enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli to visit (Gaddafi) with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell,”

Farrakhan, a close friend of Wright, received a $5 million interest-free loan in 1985.

Later that year, Gaddafi spoke by satellite to Farrakhan’s Saviour’s Day (oops, that’s right, Farrakhan was the official false messiah before Obama) Convention in Chicago, and told Farrakhan supporters he was prepared to provide weapons to a black army in the U.S. to destroy “white America.”

In October 1995, Gaddafi was said to have called Farrakhan with congratulations on the success of the Million Man March. Gaddafi reportedly assured Farrakhan that together “we will unite our capabilities and efforts to achieve this.”

According to reports in 1996 from Libya’s news agency, JANA, Farrakhan and Gadhafi agreed to work together to mobilize “oppressed blacks, Arabs, Muslims and Red Indians” to help reshape U.S. foreign policy (Sound familiar).

Farrakhan went to Libya for multiple other events. He was the recipient in 1996 of the Gadhafi Human Rights Award, which came with a $250,000 prize. despite U.S. sanctions on Libya, Farrakhan accepted the cash.

Obama has many ties with Farrakhan. For example:

Rev. Willie Barrow, a member of the Obama campaign’s official Faith Outreach Team and an Obama super-delegate, is a close friend of Farrakhan’s (ans close friend to Jesse Jackson) and a staunch Nation of Islam supporter. Farrakhan stated in a 2002 interview he met with Barrow to devise his Nation of Islam platforms.

Marxist activist Cornel West, an adviser to Farrakhan, and close friend to the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Mike Pfleger, of the Hillary Clinton crying impression fame, also had been an adviser to Obama’s 2008 campaign and is a close Obama associate and personal friend. During the period of Obama’s attendance at Wright’s Trinity United Church, which practices controversial Black Liberation Theology ideology, the Chicago church was openly allied with Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Wright gave Farrakhan his 2007 Empowerment Award. Farrakhan delivered multiple guest lectures at the church. Wright has been involved in Farrakhan initiatives and labeled him “one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century” during a national address to the media in April at which Nation of Islam officials were invited guests.

Obama has appeared at least three times on the cover of Trumpet magazine, founded by Wright. The magazine, to which Obama last year granted a lengthy, exclusive interview, regularly hails Farrakhan. Obama’s face was featured on the cover of a 2006 issue of Trumpet alongside Farrakhan’s image.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, a 2004 photo emerged of Obama’s wife, Michelle, posing with Farrakhan and Obama adviser Barrow at a woman’s luncheon for the Rainbow/Push Coalition for which Barrow serves as chairman emeritus. In the picture with Michelle Obama is Khadijah Farrakhan, Louis Farrakhan’s wife.

Another Obama connection to supporters of Farrakhan comes from David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political strategist. Although he is Jewish, Axelrod sits on the finance committee of St. Sabina, the Chicago Catholic parish that is led by controversial pastor Michael Pfleger, an outspoken Farrakhan supporter who has hosted the Nation of Islam chief at his parish several times.

There is no reason for our allies to be confused or for Hillary Clinton to be perplexed as to why Obama has dragged his feet in supporting a no-fly zone or why it took him so long to make a decision- he true allegiance isn’t to democracy or American interests, it’s to his allies in the Muslim Brotherhood and his friends in Chicago. Can the evidence be any more clear?

If there is any doubt … watch this

(the gentleman at the microphone is former Chicago alderman, Clifford Kelly, who hosts a talk radio show on WVON)

Do I have to say more???  Obama is in trouble with his old friends … looks like the chickens are coming home to roost!

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