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This week an important showdown is taking place in Washington, DC over Obamacare. The fight is between those elected officials who stand with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and are serious about dismantling Obamacare, vs. the “status quo” Ruling Elite who are helping to prop up Obamacare and advance its implementation.

Obamacare is based on the flawed premise that the government should run our nation’s health care system and that it has the right to dictate all aspects of our health care decision-making.  We don’t think so!  Please watch the following video from the office of Senator Ted Cruz.

The Senate is currently debating the bipartisan House-passed bill to defund Obamacare and fully fund the government. The Senate should pass it. As early as tomorrow, there will be a final cloture vote to cut off debate, which would allow Senator Harry Reid to add Obamacare funding back into the House bill. Senators Cruz and Lee will oppose final cloture to protect the House bill and keep debate going.
The American people are rising up and making their voices heard in Congress.
It is time for Washington politicians from both parties to listen to the American people.

Please participate by calling your Senators and making your voices heard.  Tell them to vote NO on cloture and keep the conversation going in the senate.

Here is a list of all Senators and their contact info and how they stand on cloture. REMEMBER if they vote YES for cloture they will be voting to give Senator Harry Reid the opportunity to insert language to fund Obamacare into the Continuing Resolution Bill that was sent to the Senate from the House of Representatives. The House sent the Bill over to the Senate with every part of our government being funded except Obamacare.  Every Republican should vote NO on cloture.

State Senator                   Phone Contact Info     Cloture to Fund Obamacare
AK     Murkowski, Lisa     202-224-6665
AL     Sessions, Jeff            202-224-4124               Opposes Cloture
AL     Shelby, Richard       202-224-5744              Opposes Cloture
AR     Boozman, John        202-224-4843
AZ     Flake, Jeff                   202-224-4521              Opposes Cloture
AZ     McCain, John            202-224-2235              Supports Cloture
FL     Rubio, Marco             202-224-3041              Opposes Cloture
GA    Chambliss, Saxby    202-224-3521               Supports Cloture
GA    Isakson, Johnny      202-224-3643               Supports Cloture
IA     Grassley, Chuck       202-224-3744
ID     Crapo, Mike               202-224-6142
ID     Risch, Jim                   202-224-2752               Opposes Cloture
IL     Kirk, Mark                  202-224-2854
IN    Coats, Dan                  202-224-5623                Supports Cloture
KS    Moran, Jerry            202-224-6521
KS    Roberts, Pat              202-224-4774              Opposes Cloture
KY   McConnell, Mitch  202-224-2541                Supports Cloture
KY   Paul, Rand                 202-224-4343              Opposes Cloture
LA   Vitter, David             202-224-4623               Opposes Cloture
ME   Collins, Susan          202-224-2523
MO  Blunt, Roy                 202-224-5721                Supports Cloture
MS  Cochran, Thad         202-224-5054
MS  Wicker, Roger         202-224-6253
NC  Burr, Richard           202-224-3154
ND  Hoeven, John           202-224-2551
NE  Fischer, Deb              202-224-6551
NE  Johanns, Mike          202-224-4224
NH  Ayotte, Kelly            202-224-3324
NJ  Chiesa, Jeff                 202-224-3224
NV Heller, Dean               202-224-6244
OH Portman, Rob            202-224-3353
OK Coburn, Tom             202-224-5754                 Supports Cloture
OK Inhofe, Jim                 202-224-4721                 Opposes Cloture
PA Toomey, Pat              202-224-4254                 Opposes Cloture
SC Graham, Lindsey       202-224-5972                 Supports Cloture
SC Scott, Tim                    202-224-6121                  Opposes Cloture
SD Thune, John                202-224-2321                 Supports Cloture
TN Alexander, Lamar    202-224-4944
TN Corker, Bob               202-224-3344                  Supports Cloture
TX Cornyn, John             202-224-2934                  Supports Cloture
TX Cruz, Ted                     202-224-5922                  Opposes Cloture
UT Hatch, Orrin               202-224-5251                   Supports Cloture
UT Lee, Mike                     202-224-5444                  Opposes Cloture
WI Johnson, Ron             202-224-5323
WY Barrasso, John         202-224-6441
WY Enzi, Mike                  202-224-3424                   Opposes Cloture


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