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The Islamicization Of France … Are We Next?

Please take a moment and watch this report – it’s very troubling.

Is this the future for us in America?? As I have mentioned on this blog before, radical leaders of Islam are advancing the cause of global domination.  Islam is not simply a “religion” or a “cult”, but a “system of life” – with  religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components.  When there are enough Muslims in an area to begin agitating for religious privileges, the process of “Islamicization” begins. The process is gradual.  Eventually a culture comes to regard tolerance of Islamic religious practices as politically correct; then the rest of Islam’s components begin creeping in.

This is exactly what has happened to France.

Here in our country, there are voices speaking out about the true nature of the beast, Islam.  Reverend Franklin Graham, son of Christian icon evangelist Billy Graham, is one of them.  He has called Islam evil again.

H/t to Faith and Freedom Network

Franklin Graham: “Islam is Evil”

Franklin Graham

Reverend Graham has said it again. This time it was on ABC’s “This Week,” Rev. Franklin Graham: Islam ‘evil’ yesterday. He called Islam “wicked” and “evil”.  Franklin said he loves the Muslim people, but has, “great difficulty with the religion.”

He was scorned by some in our own government and the press for a similar statement some months ago and was un-invited to a prayer service at the Pentagon for his belief that Islam is evil.

Anyone who has spent time with Franklin Graham knows that he indeed loves people with God’s love and demonstrates that love in a thousand ways through his ministry throughout the world.

Franklin says he is especially concerned with, “Sharia law and what it does for women—toward women, (as shown in this photo of women being caned for selling food during Ramadan in modern, moderate Indonesia),

A moderate caning

toward non-believers, the violence that is given in—under Sharia law.”

The comments below demonstrate the blindness, ignorance and hatred toward anyone who speaks the truth in a public forum. The comments are similar to those being made in France over the past several years, as you have just seen in the video.

“Islam is evil? That’s a tough call.”—“Pot meet kettle.”—“Pretty much every religion out there is wicked and evil.”—“Crazies like Graham are a disgrace to Christianity.”—“He is evil himself, you can see his face.”—“Bigot,”—and on and on and on.

People in France have been in a politically correct stupor but have begun to awaken. For years the French government has been accommodating the extraordinary demands of Islam in the French culture, referring to it as a religion of peace. Proving they are truly elite and progressive, just as we are currently doing in America.

Now, there is an emerging cultural crises with Islam in the center of it.  IT’S CALLED “ISLAMICIZATION”.

Dale Hurd from CBN News, who prepared the video report you watched at the beginning of this post, says one man told him, “We were expecting Muslims to adapt to France, but France is adapting to Islam.”

Some French leaders are now beginning to look for ways to take back control of their own streets and culture and warning the West and America particularly, to beware.

Rather than demonize Franklin Graham, perhaps we should awaken from our own politically correct stupor and get real … before it’s too late.


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Freedom Yesterday, Freedom Today, Freedom Forever!

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God!

This song, written by, church reformation father, Martin Luther, was included in the National Service of Prayer and Remembrance, held shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks against America.

The WTC cross became an inspiration to the Ground Zero workers.

On September 23, 2001, The New York Post Published the Following Story:

© NY Post

You are looking at what some people believe is a miracle.

Two days after the disaster, a construction worker found several perfectly formed crosses planted upright in a
pit in the rubble of the heavily damaged 6 World Trade Center.

The large, cross-shaped metal beams just happened to fall that way when one of the towers collapsed. An FBI
chaplain who has spent days at ground zero says he has not seen anything like it on the vast site.

As word of the find has spread at ground zero, exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed rescue workers have
been flocking to the site to pray and meditate.

“People have a very emotional reaction when they see it,” says the Rev. Carl Bassett, an FBI chaplain. “They
are amazed to see something like that in all the disarray. There’s no symmetry to anything down there, except
those crosses.”

Chaplain Ray Giunta of Sacramento, Calif., has been to the crosses to pray with rescue workers.

“One of the firefighters pointed to them last night and told me, ‘There’s my angel,'” Giunta said.

The angel protecting the pit where the crosses were found is the Brooklyn-born hardhat who found them: a
gentle giant named Frank Silecchia.

Silecchia, 47, who now lives in Little Ferry, N.J., found the crosses on the Thursday morning immediately
following the collapse of the towers. He marked the site by spray-painting on a nearby wall the words
“God’s House,” and a directional arrow.

“The crosses are just shards of steel that came from the Tower 1 [the north tower], and went right through
the roof of Building 6 and destroyed the entire center of it,” he explained.

“When I first saw it, it took my heart, and made me cry for about 20 minutes,” he says. “It helped me heal
the burden of my despair, and gave me closure on the whole catastrophe.”

In subsequent days, Silecchia, a born-again Christian, led his fellow rescue workers and others – many of
whom were grieving the loss of loved ones – to the crosses.

A veteran firefighter who had been digging through the twisted metal for his lost firefighter son. An angry
cop who lost someone in the collapse. A Vatican representative, who photographed the crosses for the
pope. And ABC’s Barbara Walters.

He says they all left in peace.

“Barbara Walters’ niece lost her son in the building,” he said. “Barbara told me she wanted people to see
the House of God, so people who needed healing could find it.”

World Trade Towers, NYC

Boeing 757

The Pentagon

The Future

President George W. Bush puts his arms around firefighter Bob Beckwith while standing in front of the World Trade Center in New York on Sept. 14, 2001

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Islam Permits Its Followers To Lie To Deceive Unbelievers To Bring About World Domination

For those of you who have forgotten what ISLAM did on the morning of September 11, 2001, this is a reminder.  19 devout Muslims, soldiers of Allah, attacked the United States of America.  Their goal was to destroy and conquer the West’s greatest financial, military and political power to install their universal caliphate.  The following video documents what happened.  The jumpers are specifically disturbing to watch.  They made a decision to jump from hundreds of feet in the air to their death to escape the engulfing fire. This attack on the Twin Towers was one of the most horrific scenes we can remember.  Even though it one of the most observed catastrophes in history, some of us have allowed these images to be diluted and have allowed conspiracies that it was an inside job to dominate what 19 DEVOUT MUSLIMS CONSPIRED TO DO IN THE NAME OF ALLAH  on that dreadful day.

Graphic images follow:

There should not be a mosque of any type built anywhere near Ground Zero, period.  Islam’s ultimate goal is the entire world subjected to sharia law. The building of the Cordoba House on Ground Zero will send one  loud and clear message to the entire world – the site of the greatest Muslim attack on U.S. soil will have been converted into a Muslim house of worship.  Another Muslim conquest and the beginning of the decline of America.

Osama Bin Laden and his Islamists would love nothing better than to plant the flag of Islam in the cultural capitol of the West.  Unlike the LIES that are being told by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, this would not be read in the Muslim world as a sign of the West’s tolerance, but of its weakness. Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.  It is called ‘Al-Taqiyya’.  DECEPTION.

Now some Muslims who do not follow the Koran are as faithful Americans as any of us, but the problem is, we cannot know.

Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands more could die.

Muslims may appear very sincere; in fact, they are sincere, when they lie for their own protection or in the cause of Islam. They have permission to lie. Yes, Christians have also lied but never are they given permission to lie. However, a Muslim has no guilt since the Koran and Hadith permit his deception.

They will lie to make Islam more attractive to potential converts as they speak of “no compulsion in religion” while all of them know that verse was abrogated by later verses. They will quote verses that speak of tolerance and kindness knowing that those verses were written when Mohammed was desirous of “tolerance and kindness,” but when he climbed into the catbird seat, everything changed and he became a terrorist.

Listening to all of the uninformed and misinformed talking heads who are in support of the building of this mosque in the name of tolerance and free speech makes me want to puke!  They, along with the un-American president that we have are doing nothing but destroying this country.  This issue has nothing to do with the ‘right to build or not to build.  It has everything to do with the LOCATION of and MOTIVE for the mosque.

The location of Ground Zero was thought about and chosen with great care by the planners of the mosque.  This is the typical ‘in-your-face’ action displayed by radical Islamic jihadists.  They knew what kind of reaction they would get before they even announced their plans.  This was all done with careful consideration and pre-determined calculations.  THIS WAS MEANT TO HURT.

The most sickening part of it all is that President Obama knows this.

It’s because of his radical pro-Islamic leanings that groups like the Imam’s feel emboldened and are openly staking a claim for Allah on American soil.  The problem with Obama’s embracing Islam is that a “peaceful world community” is not Islam’s ultimate goal – WORLD DOMINATION is.  The American worldview, based on Judeo-Christian values of peaceful living, cannot co-exist with the Islamic worldview, based on the agenda of “convert or kill.”

In its long history of conquest, Islam has shown a habit of converting the sacred shrines of its enemies into mosques and madrasas.

Take a look at some of Islam’s famous mosques that were once the sacred sites of its defeated enemies:

The al-Kaaba Mosque, Islam's most sacred site located in Mecca

al-Kaaba was a pagan shrine that predated Islam by hundreds of years. Mohammed himself, after his army’s conquest of Mecca in 630, destroyed hundreds of idols, proclaiming the truth of his new religion, and, since, it has become the hub of the annual Muslim pilgrimage, hajj, and a core pillar of Islam.

As many as 300,00 can fit into the mosque, where they surround the simple cube-shaped Kaaba.

Hagia Sophia, in Turkey

The world-renown Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was a thousand year-old Christian church before being transformed into a mosque following the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453. It was only converted into a museum in 1935 by ultra-secularist and Turkish founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus

The Grand Mosque of Damascus, also known as the Umayyad Mosque, was converted from a church dedicated to John the Baptist in 705.

The mosque’s southern wall: a Greek inscription above a blocked doorway, with a most unlikely message: “Thy Kingdom, O Christ, is an everlasting Kingdom, and Thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.” How did Psalm 145 end up on the outside of one of Islam’s holiest sites? The answer provides a fascinating window onto the history of the mosque, and Syria’s surprising religious landscape.

The Umayyad Mosque stands in the middle of Damascus’s old city, on a site that has been home to religious worship since the second century B.C. The Romans built a temple there dedicated to Jupiter; its western facade survives today as part of the entrance to the great Souq al-Hamidiyya. In the fourth century A.D., when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, the temple became a church, which was famous for its prized relic—the head of John the Baptist.

n 636, Arab armies seized Damascus, and about three decades later the city became the capital of the fledgling Islamic state, now under the leadership of the Umayyad caliphs. Despite the changing of the guard, the church continued as the center of Christian worship.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Following the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem, the Ummayad Caliphate proceeded to build the Dome of the Rock, the Masjid Qubat al-Sakhra, on top of the Jewish Temple Mount in 689. Inscribed on the inner walls of the shrine are clear warnings to Christianity, professing Islamic supremacy. Sprawled on the inner octagonal arcade, flowing counterclockwise, the dedication warns Christians and Jews to “not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning God save the truth” and threatens the Christian Trinity by insisting that “The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God, and His Word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers, and say not ‘Three’ – Cease! (it is) better for you! – God is only One God.”[1] Whoever believes that God had a son, “whoso disbelieveth the revelations of God (will find that) lo! God is swift at reckoning!”[2] Having defeated their Christian enemies, the Umayyads built a grand mosque on top of Judaism’s most sacred site that contained a clear declaration of Muslim supremacy over their brother Abrahamic religions.

America has to stop playing games with Islam, or “Let’s Stop The Terrorists” and get serious by going to the heart of the problem, by admitting that ISLAM IS NOT A PEACEFUL RELIGION, and IT TELLS ITS MEMBERS TO KILL THE INFIDELS, period!

This war on terror is a religious matter and IT WILL LAST UNTIL JESUS COMES AGAIN. Remember this slogan: You Can Trust Muslims To Be Muslims and they are lying their way to world domination.

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Barack Obama, The First Un-American President

Are we really surprised that President Obama supports the Ground Zero mosque?

Obama needs to come clean with the American people and admit that he is a Muslim.  Why does he think that we are stupid?  His biological father was a Muslim and so was his step-father.

We need to start IMPEACHMENT hearings on him NOW!

The following is posted on Warning Signs.

It is written by Alan Caruba.  I’ve recently discovered his blog and now am a fan.  I agree with everything he says because we all know that it is true – Obama is not the least bit American.  He has deliberately gone out of his way to show us how un-American he really is.  He is also a bully in the worst sense.  But he’s from the Chicago swamp and now he is slimming all of America.  (I happen to live in a Chicago suburb so I can say that with great audacity.)

The First Un-American President

by Alan Caruba

“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” – Barack Hussein Obama, spoken at a White House dinner to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan!

Well, of course, he does. Why wouldn’t someone who thinks the sound of the call to evening prayers from a nearby minaret is one of the sweetest sounds in the world? Why wouldn’t someone who spent his formative years, age six to twelve, in Indonesia, the step-son of a Muslim father and the son of a Muslim father who had deserted his wife and child.

But, I hear you say, he spent twenty years in a Christian church in Chicago. Yes, with a preacher who said of 9/11 that “the chickens had come home to roost”; a preacher who embraced Black Liberation theology and maintained close friendships with Nation of Islam leaders in Chicago.

“That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable.”

What a pompous hypocrite. He’s been president since January 20, 2009 and has yet to have selected a church to attend in Washington, D.C., like every other president before him has done, but he makes sure to celebrate Ramadan.

That’s what you get when you elect a man named Barack Hussein Obama about whom you know nothing other than the fawning, worshipful puke served up by the liberal media all through the campaign and for most of his first year and a half in office.

Too late! The majority of voters selected a complete stranger; a man with virtually no available paper trail, including the one item most people can produce on request, a legitimate birth certificate.

Obama is not an American. He is the son of a former British subject, a Kenyan of the same name. He is the step-son of an Indonesian who married his mother and adopted him. When his mother divorced for a second time, he was shipped off to live in Hawaii with his grandparents.

The only overseas trip he took that we know of was to Pakistan with a college friend from there. Did he travel on an American passport? The State Department records have conveniently disappeared.

He’s one of those people who enjoys all the benefits of American citizenship, but considers himself an internationalist, someone more at home in the bowels of the United Nations than the chamber of the U.S. Senate; a place where he spent very little time because he was so eager to seize the presidency and begin to “transform” America.

This statement regarding the defiling of Ground Zero, favoring a mosque where the same religion that spawned the 9/11 killers would be preached, may finally convince the deniers that Obama is and always has been a Muslim.

First interview as president was with Al Arabia. First official act was to sign paperwork to close down Guantanamo. First major overseas speech was given in Cairo. Et Cetera!

He’s letting you know he has the reins of power. He doesn’t care what you think. And he has the rest of his term to finish destroying the nation. He knows it. Now you do.

America, take a good look at the first truly un-American president to hold that high office.

A lot of Americans voted for him. Those that did not are desperately reading the Constitution to find a way to rid us of this enemy of the people.


Here’s another great post and this one is from Fellowship of the Minds

3 Things You Should Know About Islam

  1. The Qu’ran is not at all like the Bible. The Qu’ran was written by one man, Mohammad, and his word is law. Wherever there is a seeming contradiction in the Qu’ran, what Mohammad said later always supercedes what he said earlier. Thus, the Qu’ran’s earlier peaceful passages are abrogated by later violent passages on jihad.
  2. It is the religious duty of every Muslim to institute Shari’a — the Law of Allah — worldwide.
  3. Unlike Christianity that emphasizes truthfulness, Muslims are allowed to deceive (lie to) non-Muslims if doing so protects and helps Islam. This is called the principle of Taqiyya.

Please send this link to everyone you know. We need to know the true face of Islam and stop its advance before it’s too late.

posted by Rightthingtodo on August 15, 2010

“We must stop fooling ourselves and thinking that Islam is a ‘nice peaceful religion’.  IT’S NOT!!  Some Muslims may be described as ‘moderate’, but there is nothing moderate about Islam itself.

As the video shows us, Islam is not simply a “religion” or a “cult”, but a “system of life”, with religious, legal, political, economic, social and military components.

When there are enough Muslims in an area to begin agitating for religious privileges, the process of “Islamicization” begins.

The process is gradual.  Eventually a culture comes to regard tolerance of Islamic religious practices as politically correct;  then the rest of Islam’s components begin ‘CREEPING’ in,


With a president like Barack Obama in the White House, need we say anymore??

Have A Wonderful Day In The Lord

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Symbolizing Victory, Islamic Conquerors Erect Mosques Over Sacred Sites

Throughout history, Muslim conquerors have demonstrated their hatred and disdain for all other religions by purposefully erecting mosques over some of the most sacred and hallowed places of Judaic and Christian worship.

The al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is built on top of one of the holiest sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount.  The Hagia Sofia, once the world’s largest cathedral and orthodox patriarchal basilica until its capture in 1453, was the principal mosque of Istanbul for over 450 years.  During the Muslim conquest of medieval Spain, the Christian church in Cordoba was captured and converted into the central mosque of the Umayyad Caliphate.   Muslims have engaged in this practice for centuries, symbolizing their victories over the infidels.

Today, in New York City, Muslim leaders are plotting to build a mega-mosque near the site of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, where over three thousand Americans were callously murdered by Islamic jihadists.  The site of the Twin Towers has become the most hallowed ground in United States history since Pearl Harbor.

The Center for Security Policy has released a video with a chilling reminder that history repeats itself.

Mayor Bloomberg, are you listening??

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Islam Rising … In The USA

Like a steady drum beat, Islam is making a move to dominate the world.  This is the goal of the Islam religion/ideology.  It is now happening in America.  The average everyday Muslim may not be a danger.  But radical leaders of Islam are advancing the cause of global domination. Islam is not simply a religion or a cult, but a system of life.  It has religious, legal, political, economic, social and military components.  When there are enough Muslims in an area to begin agitating for religious privileges, the process of ‘Islamization’ begins.  The process is gradual.  Eventually a culture comes to regard tolerance of Islamic religious practices as politically correct;  then the rest of Islam’s components begin creeping in.


This is a timely piece:

The Islamic War for the Future of the World

By Alan Caruba of Warning Signs

Muslims do not take kindly to criticism of any kind. Their solution, as often as not, is to kill anyone who criticizes them. Indeed, the Koran’s punishment for converting to another religion is death.

Islam’s primary weapon in recent decades has been terror. There are literally thousands of terrorist acts occurring throughout the world these days. 9/11 was the quintessential Muslim act of intimidation, but it was preceded and has been followed by many others.

In an act of political correctness and national suicide, Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama President in 2008. He has made no secret of his Muslim roots and beliefs. His very first television interview as President was with Al Arabia and, most recently, one of his appointees, Charles Bolton, the director of NASA claimed that he had been instructed to redirect that agency’s objectives to include a mission to the Muslim world.

Consider this, in 1952, President Truman established a National Day of Prayer and, in 1988, President Reagan designated the first Thursday in May each year as such. In June 2007 President Obama declared that the United States was not a Christian nation and this year he cancelled the 21st National Day of Prayer ceremony.

On September 25, 2009, there was a National Day of Prayer for Muslims that was held on Capitol Hill near the White House. There were more than 50,000 Muslims in attendance and as this is being written, Muslims are attempting to build a huge mosque within a block of Ground Zero in New York.

My friend, Amil Imani, born in Iran, an American citizen, has been courageously outspoken on the topic of Islam. Recently he published a book, “Obama Meets Ahmadinejad” that uses satire to reveal some fundamental truths about these two men. Ahmadinejad, of course, is the president of Iran and so hated there that crowds filled the streets of Tehran to protest. Iran is the classic Islamic nation that uses brutality and oppression against its own people.

Imani’s book has already been hailed by some of the leading voices warning against the Islamic threat to freedom and liberty. They include Robert Spencer, the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades; Dr. Wafa Sultan, author of “A God Who Hates”; and Dr. Ali Sina, the author of “Understanding Muhammad and founder of FaithFreedom.org. Let me add my recommendation that you get a copy for yourself.

In his most recent commentary, posted July 14, “Islam Must Be Stopped in America”, Imani makes a powerful case for the ways Muslims are using America’s traditional tolerance to make inroads that would impose Islam on the nation. He ruthlessly exposes the lies that Islam is a “religion of peace” or that Muslims believe there is “no compulsion” to convert.

“The Muslims,” Imani wrote, “and their apologists quickly run out of their few cards, and the rest of the Islamic deck is all about intolerance, hatred and violence toward the infidels, toward all others who are not true Muslims, and even toward those who consider themselves Muslims. Shiites, for instance, judge the Sunnis as traitors to Islam, and Sunnis condemn the Shiites as heretics. Each side deems the other worthy of death.”

Infidels, all those who are not Muslim, can see the truth with their own eyes as they observe “the savage Shiite-Sunni bloodletting in Iraq; the genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region; the Somali killings; the Iranian mullah’s murder of their own people, and the support of mischief abroad; and the incessant terrorist acts of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad on Israel.” There are so many other examples that only fools would cling to the belief that Islam does not pose a threat to the world.

From the beginning of the Obama administration to the present, every effort was made to avoid identifying the enemy; most egregiously expunging any reference to “terrorism” from the language of its top officials including the Attorney General, the Director of the Department of Homeland Security, and a top national security advisor to the President, John Brennan, who has asserted that jihad does not mean war on the infidels. Tell that to 1.2 billion Muslims!

Americans have just over 900 more days of the Obama administration and the fate of the nation literally hangs in the balance until it is replaced.


Do We Know Who This Man Is?


Another good read:

H/t Fellowship of the Minds

Muslim Enclaves U.S.A.

By Ryan Mauro – Front Page – July 9, 2010

It seems almost unthinkable, but Islamist groups are, as we speak, hard at work creating Muslim states-within-states in the U.S. Indeed, this process has been unfolding for a long time across the Western world, through the creation of isolated Muslim enclaves in both rural and urban areas, as well as through the designation of “no-go zones” where governments admit to having little authority over Muslims living there, essentially leaving them to function as autonomous regions.

Daniel Pipes has tracked numerous examples since 2004 of Muslim groups working to create communities based solely on Islam and run by Sharia law. As discussed by David Kennedy Houck in 2006, “Although such concepts are antithetical to a free society, U.S. democracy allows the internal enclave to function beyond the established boundaries of our constitutional framework.”

For example, one such community, Gwynn Oak, has been created in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of Muslim immigrants and African-American converts. The project is led by John Yahya Cason, director of the Islamic Education and Community Development Initiative. Cason explained that the neighborhood is a response to the problem that “Muslim communities are ruled by Western societal tenets, many of which clash with Islamic norms.” In his opinion, there is a need for communities with “the totality of the essential components of Muslim social, economic, and political structure.” As such, the Gwynn Oak enclave follows specific moral rules based on Islam and people there speak Arabic. On September 13, 2009, the construction of its three-story mosque began. Approximately 400 Muslims now live in the vicinity.

Another example involves the Islamic Center for Human Excellence, which receives funding from the United Arab Emirates. In August 2004, it was granted permission to build a Muslim neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas, complete with a mosque, school, and 22 homes; it would not allow the presence of alcohol. The goal was for Muslims to find an area to escape the alleged crime and depravity of American life, although the imam behind the effort said that non-Muslims are welcome to join.

Far more radical groups than these are now taking the lead in promoting and creating Islamic enclaves on U.S. soil.

One such organization is As-Sabiqun, headed by Imam Abdul Alim Musa, who is very honest about his disturbing objectives. The group’s website calls for installing Islamic law worldwide, fighting for “oppressed” Muslims, and “build[ing] model communities where Islam is lived.” The website contains a point-by-point plan to assemble mini-states in America, beginning with the construction of a mosque and finishing with “establishing geographical integrity by encouraging Muslims of the community to live in close proximity to the masjid [mosque]” and “establishing social welfare institutions.”

The ideology espoused by Musa and As-Sabiqun is undeniably radical. The website boasts about Musa’s early endorsement of Ayatollah Khomeini and the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. It also is unafraid to say that As-Sabiqun members follow people like Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; Maulana Mawdudi, who called on Muslims to wage jihad until Sharia law is in place over the globe; and Sayyid Qutb, the Muslim Brotherhood member whose preaching inspired Osama bin Laden. Musa himself has argued that the CIA and Israel were behind the 9/11 attacks. He has admitted that he “like[s]” bin Laden, calls Hezbollah “a great organization,” and says Hamas members are “very nice people.”

Muslims of the Americas, led by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in Pakistan, is a very similar group with very similar aims, though its focus is more rural than urban. It admits to owning at least 22 “villages” around the country that are dozens of acres large and operate under names like “Islamberg,” “Holy Islamville,” and “Aliville.” These Muslim-only lands are open to outsiders solely during planned outreach events and sometimes to journalists.

This group has received considerable media attention due to allegations that its isolated compounds are used for paramilitary training, an accusation bolstered by a videotape released by the Christian Action Network. On that tape, a speaker is seen declaring the U.S. a Muslim country and pledging that Muslims of the Americas will defend American Muslims from foreign and domestic enemies.

The ideology of Muslims of the Americas is comparable to that of As-Sabiqun, although it is more centered on following Gilani as a representative of God who is capable of creating miracles. Gilani is very anti-Semitic, describingcalls bin Laden a “Saudi activist,” while claiming to meet with Jesus and personally to have introduced the Mahdi to a select few. Jews as “an example of human Satans”; like Musa, he insists that a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy is behind the attacks of September 11, 2001, and other schemes to harm Muslims. He calls bin Laden a “Saudi activist,” while claiming to meet with Jesus and personally to have introduced the Mahdi to a select few.

posted by rightthingtodo  on July 17, 2010

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A Great Response To Obama’s NASA Mission To The Muslim World

By now, we are very familiar with this strange interview of Charles Bolden, the new administrator of NASA, by al Jazeera.

The following is a great response to this nonsense by President Obama –

NASA’s Mission to the Muslims — Alan Caruba

By Alan Caruba

I felt like this back in the days when the Watergate scandal slowly, painfully unraveled, revealing the most appalling stupidity and criminality emanating from the Oval Office. From the night when the burglars were arrested in the Democrat Committee headquarters on June 17, 1972 to the day Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974, Americans were forced to witness and endure something unthinkable.

The news that NASA administrator, John Bolden, had been dispatched to the Middle East to fulfill what he said was its “foremost” mission, “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science…and math and engineering” was so appallingly stupid that it defied any legitimate reason for NASA to exist.

The other mission objectives Barack Obama charged Bolden with were to “re-inspire children to want to get into science and math” and to “expand our international relationships.”

You need a bit of history to lend some clarity to this. NASA was the direct result of the Cold War scare when the Russians put Sputnik into orbit over the Earth in October 1957, thereby demonstrating they had missiles powerful enough to launch a nuclear attack on the nation. It galvanized the U.S. government into passing the National Defense Education Act in order to get more young Americans to go into the fields of science and math, and it prompted the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the purpose of demonstrating American scientists and engineers could create bigger and better missiles.

Muslims had nothing to do with it then and nothing to do with it now.

In February, President Obama proposed that NASA abandon its Constellation program. As the New York Times reported at the time, it would involve abandoning “the rockets and spacecraft that NASA has been working on for the past four years to replace space shuttles.” It would impose a mandate “that any future exploration program will be an international collaboration”, not an American one.

NASA made news again in mid-June when it was announced that Obama’s amended budget request would slash $100 million from its operating funds in order to “spur economic growth and job creation along Florida’s Space Coast and other affected regions.” According to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, this somehow “revitalizes NASA and transitions to new opportunities in the space industry and beyond.” How many NASA engineers and scientists will now transition to jobs at Disneyworld?

Islam has not been “hijacked” by the likes of Osama bin Laden. Islam has always been about the conquest of the world and its greatest “scientific” breakthroughs since the 1980s have been the development of truck bombs and suicide bombers who have attacked targets from Bali to London, Madrid to Manhattan.

Obama’s Cairo speech on June 4, 2009 was filled with the kind of lies that portray Islam as a peaceful religion and one responsible for all manner of scientific breakthroughs from the invention of the magnetic compass to the printing of books.

Neither is true. What is true is that the Chinese had developed the compass and Islam had resisted printing books for a thousand years following its rise after 632AD.

Those under the oppression of Islam did not contribute to or experience the rise of science and the arts as both were rejected as un-Islamic. Many forms of music, for example, were banned in Islam. While the West was producing Galileo, Isaac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Aristotle, Rene Descartes and Albert Einstein, not one single scholar of comparable stature was produced in the Islamic world.

Contrary to Obama’s mission to reach out to Muslims, they “reached out” to the West and, in America on September 11, 2001, destroyed the Twin Towers and attacked the Pentagon, killing some 3,000 victims.

Typical of the arrogance of Islam is the proposal to build a mosque within a block of ground zero in New York City!

Building mosques over sites held sacred to non-Muslims is an long tradition of Islam, from the mosque built over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, to the countless other mosques in converted Christian churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples, as a demonstration of their intention to replace Western and Asian religions.

Permitting the building of the proposed New York mosque would signal submission to Islam.

Perverting and defunding NASA’s mission is evidence of Obama’s commitment to Islam.

The Moral Lib­eral Fea­tured Writer, Alan Caruba, writes a daily post at http://factsnotfantasy.blogspot.com. An author, busi­ness and sci­ence writer, he is the founder of The National Anx­i­ety Center.

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