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More Hypocrisy From The Obama White House As It Prepares The Red Carpet For Netanyahu

FOX News reports-

White House Rolls Out Red Carpet Ahead of Netanyahu Visit

published July 05, 2010

The White House is rolling out the red carpet ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday visit to Washington as President Obama tries to smooth over tensions and move forward on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

The prime minister is expected to get a very different welcome than the one he received back in March.

This time, he’ll stay at the official White House guest residence, the Blair House, as opposed to a hotel. The two leaders will also hold a photo op — unlike last time, when no pictures were released and no formal statement was issued after a pair of closed-door meetings at the White House. That meeting, which yielded no agreement, came after Israel announced new apartments in disputed east Jerusalem in the middle of Vice President Biden’s visit and triggered a stand-off with the White House.

The Obama administration is looking to move past that when Netanyahu arrives. Though the deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May drew fresh attention to Israel’s blockade policy, even that issue has been sidelined. The White House meeting Tuesday is expected to focus on how to move to direct peace talks with the Palestinians, which Netanyahu has been calling for.

“The only way to successfully complete a negotiation as complicated as this is to have the two parties, Israel and the Palestinians, sit opposite one another and directly negotiate these complex issues together,” Netanyahu said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will only begin direct talks if the issue of borders for a future Palestinian state is settled. In exchange, he’s willing to discuss a way to address Israel’s security concerns.

Analysts say the White House appears to believe the red carpet treatment will lead to better results.

(My Comment: This is the problem.  Obama has no real desire to really welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu to The White House.  This is all just for show.  Obama is so removed from reality until it has never occurred to him that he is being watched and evaluated as he deals with Israel.  Israel is a long-time faithful ally of ours. His real feelings were shown by his strange and rude behavior towards Netanyahu back in March.  His actions were so reprehensible toward Israel last March until supporters of Israel spoke out and demanded that Obama treat Netanyahu with the respect and honor that the leader of Israel deserves.)

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