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Do Not Put A Disclaimer On The Constitution’

Faith and Freedom Network posted this –

A publishing company that publishes and distributes copies of the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in booklet form, has added a disclaimer. That’s right, a disclaimer.

The disclaimer begins with this: “This book is a product of its own time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today.”

The disclaimer on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence reflects a great division in our country that transcends political party affiliations.

President Obama’s comment on American exceptionalism has been often quoted, including in these blogs, because it’s a defining comment.

He said he believed in American exceptionalism, just like Brits believe in Britain’s exceptionalism and Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. Not a big deal.

We have not passed along to the previous two, maybe three generations, an accurate understanding of what America is and what it stands for. Our children, for the most part, do not understand the

goodness and charity of the greatest nation on the Earth.

We now have a president who is a product of a failed education system, who travels the world apologizing for our country. And doing so to second rate nations and organizations who contribute little to nothing to mankind.

Two visions for America.

One ignores the goodness and the greatness of this “city on a hill” and diligently works to remake us into the image of just another European secular socialist nation.

The other says, “No, we are not Europe and we don’t want to become Europe.” Our Founders chose a different path. They chose not to be Europe. They rejected Europe. They choose to build a nation framed around God-given freedoms that were protected, not given, by government— free enterprise and personal freedoms.

They chose principle and values as a charter and mission and thanked “the strong hand of Providence” for their miraculous victory in the Revolutionary War—a war they should not have been able to win.

The Judeo-Christian values and principles upon which this country was built, and a prevailing Christian consensus in the culture, continued well after our Founding documents were framed and served to resist the import of secularism and humanism from France, Germany and England until the latter part of the 19th century.

Colleges were built by Christians and Christian organizations, biblical principals were openly taught, character and morality were instilled in our youth.

It was 72 years after our founding, that Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) became the first college chartered by atheists.

Following this, humanists gradually took over our teacher’s colleges, moving the headwater of American education to what would become the citadel of secularism—Columbia University.

It was at Columbia that John Dewey and his secularist disciples created what became known as “progressive education”. Supported by a belief in relativism, “progressive education” was secular and began a decline in both quality of education and morality in our country.

As Judeo-Christian values were stripped from the culture, moral training and character building, that had long been an important part of our once great education system, were lost as well.

Now, several generations have not been taught what America is really about. We are culturally choking on artificial fairness, perverted tolerance and political correctness. The emperor has no clothes.

This election is a referendum on what we want America to be. We have a president, a product of public education, who is intent on “remaking” America and is assisted by a legislative majority who will sell the soul of the country to retain power.

Never has the divide been more evident than at this point in our history.

Lincoln said America is the last best hope for mankind. If we become Europe, we will no longer represent hope to anyone.

The lines are not blurred. There are two sides, two dreams, two destinies and America is deciding which path we will take.

Which Side Will You Be On?

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