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The Media Has Largely Ignored The Various Misstatements Made By Both Obama And Biden While Playing Up Every Gaffe Sarah Palin Makes

The Lame Stream Media did this to former President George W. Bush and they are going to try to do the same to former Gov. Sarah Palin … but, we won’t let them!!

Sarah Palin who has been ridiculed for her North Korean gaffe called for the media to apply even standards when it comes to candidates and their invariable gaffes.

From her Facebook page.

My fellow Americans in all 57 states, the time has changed for come. With our country founded more than 20 centuries ago, we have much to celebrate – from the FBI’s 100 days to the reforms that bring greater inefficiencies to our health care system. We know that countries like Europe are willing to stand with us in our fight to halt the rise of privacy, and Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s.  And let’s face it, everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma and they end up taking up a hospital bed. It costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early, and they got some treatment, and ah, a breathalyzer, or an inhalator. I mean, not a breathalyzer, ah, I don’t know what the term is in Austrian for that…

Of course, the paragraph above is based on a series of misstatements and   verbal gaffes made by Barack Obama (I didn’t have enough time to do one   for Joe Biden). YouTube links are provided just in case you doubt the   accuracy of these all too human slips-of-the-tongue. If you can’t   remember hearing about them, that’s because for the most part the media   didn’t consider them newsworthy. I have no complaint about that.  Everybody makes the occasional verbal gaffe – even news anchors .

Obviously,  I would have been even more impressed if the media showed some consistency on this issue. Unfortunately, it seems they couldn’t resist the temptation to turn a simple one word slip-of-the-tongue of mine into a major political headline. The one word slip occurred yesterday during one of my seven back-to-back interviews wherein I was privileged to speak to the American public about the important, world-changing issues before us.

If the media had bothered to actually listen to all of my remarks on Glenn Beck’s radio show they would have noticed that I refer to South Korea as our ally throughout, that I corrected myself seconds after my slip-of-the-tongue,  and that I made it abundantly clear that pressure should be put on China to restrict energy exports to the North Korean regime. The media could even have done due diligence and checked my previous statements on the subject, which have always been consistent, and in fact even ahead of the curve .  But why let the facts get in the way of a good story? (And for that matter, why not just make up stories out of thin air – like the totally false hard news story which has run for three days now reporting that I lobbied the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” to cast a former Senate candidate on their show. That lie is further clear proof that the media completely makes things up without doing even rudimentary fact-checking.)

“Hope springs eternal” as the poet says.  Let’s hope that perhaps, just maybe, they might get it right next time.  When we the people are effective in holding America’s free press accountable for responsible and truthful reporting, then we shall all have even more to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

– Sarah Palin

Palin has a point.  The media has largely ignored the various misstatements made by both Obama and Biden while playing up every gaffe she makes.

And it’s not that the media thinks the president or the veep should get a pass based on their respective offices but because it represents a bias to protect them from embarrassment. That was not the standard with president Bush who was a perpetual gaffe machine and was a constant target of the liberal media.

To a certain degree Palin has now inherited that mantle as she moves closer to a 2012 presidential run and becomes more of a threat to Obama and the Democrats and the media would like to negate that threat as soon as possible.  I must give Palin credit for having the courage to take on the press and hold their feet to the fire which very few Republicans have been willing to do in the past.

Conservatives will need more of that kind of courage if they are to succeed in beating back the liberal media in the future.

H/t Don Irvine/Canada Free Press


American Thinker and Gov. Palin’s Summons to Serve

American Thinker columnist Robert Eugene Simmons, Jr. yesterday presented a powerful argument for why Gov. Palin should run for President in 2012:

I can’t think of a reason why Palin would want to be president and move to Washington. She clearly loves Alaska and has a wonderful family who also love Alaska as home. Palin clearly has a good thing going with the influence she has on national politics and election cycles. On a personal level, she has been able to amass a small fortune in being who she is. I don’t begrudge her the fortune, and I don’t blame her for her love of the wild beauty of Alaska.

I can’t think of a single reason she would want to move to an urban environment often choked with crime and poverty. I can’t think of a good reason why she should want even more scrutiny into her life and her doings with her children and submit to being organized 24 hours a day. I can’t think of why she would want to brave the wall of vitriol that would come from the left as well as many Republican establishment types. Make no mistake that if she does run for president, you can expect every rude, misogynistic, and disgusting word in several languages to be thrown her way.

In fact, there is only one reason I can ask Sarah Palin to brave the sewers of a presidential run. The reason is that we need her. (emphasis mine)

Simmons wrote that while other lesser-known political figures have taken on the establishment, “only Palin has shown the charisma and powerful speaking skills that can pack an auditorium to a sold-out crowd ten minutes after announcement….she speaks from the heart.”

Citing Gov. Palin’s vetoing of a law barring domestic benefits for same-sex couples when she first took office, Simmons wrote that she will ensure the law is enforced regardless of personal beliefs. Joe Hilley wrote about this extensively in Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader.

He applauded her unique brand of religiosity and tolerance. Though Simmons is agnostic, he feels very comfortable around Gov. Palin.

“Palin is utterly fearless, willing to take on her own party, the other party, the Federal Reserve, and anyone else who needs to be taken on to forward the interest of America,” he wrote and unyielding in her patriotism.

He wrote about her intelligence and savvy.

As Palin’s knowledge of policy, economics, and government has grown, so has the counter-story being put out by the establishment. Thanks to the internet, people can look up Palin’s past, listen to her speeches, and examine her record; the need to rely on the “big three” news services has been supplanted by the internet. Furthermore, on those same sites, Palin’s foes have been revealed as nasty, misogynistic, and potentially violent people.

“I am sorry, Sarah Palin, but we need you to serve — and for that, we need you to run,” he concluded.

Please share this story.

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China Puts Dissenters Into Mental Hospitals And Is Not Included In U.N. Human Rights Report – Talk About Human Rights Violations …Wait, The Obama Administration Sues And Includes Arizona In U.N. Human Rights Report?

Du Bin for The New York Times Xu Lindong, at his home in Louhe, China, was imprisoned for six and a half years in two mental hospitals over a land dispute. He said he endured 54 electric-shock treatments.

As we all know, recently, our U.S. government, under the direction of President Obama’s Justice Dept., sued the State of Arizona over their new immigration law S.B. 1070.

They sued Arizona to prevent enactment of the law, which allowed local law enforcement to inquire about a person’s immigration status when he or she is questioned about other potential legal violations.

Supporters say the law is necessary because the federal government won’t enforce immigration rules. Critics claimed it would lead to racial profiling.

Attorneys for the state argued that it’s impossible to make such a claim before the law has been put into practice. But a federal judge in July sided with the Justice Department and blocked enforcement of the law’s most controversial provisions a day before it was scheduled to take effect.

Then, to pour salt in the open wound, the State Department included the Justice Department lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law into a United Nations human rights report to show how U.S. rule of law can be an example to the world!

Example for what?  Human Rights Violations!!  Yes!!  Can you imagine what’s going on here?  We should be outraged and demand that this mockery stops immediately!!

When we read stories like the one of Xu Lindong, pictured above in his home in Louhe, China, for six and a half years in 2 mental hospitals over a land dispute, we know that what the Obama administration is doing to one of its own States is simply lunacy and downright criminal.

What happened to Xu Lindong is not an exception to the rule – but, is the order of the day in China.  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton should be leading the way in condemning this sort of abuse of one’s basic human rights.  Instead, they have focused and put their full weight behind a vendetta against the great State of Arizona.

Now, that the Republicans have won the victory and will soon take the gavel in the House, let us remind them that the Obama administration is not to be played with.  Nor should there be hands across the aisle to them.  We have to STOP THE OBAMA TYRANNY!

China: Mental hospitals detain petitioners


Chinese officials are sacked after one highly publicized case.

Xu Lindong was admitted for a medical checkup after leaving the mental hospital where he was allegedly abused. Courtesy of Xu Lindong.

HONG KONG – Chinese psychiatric hospitals face mounting pressure to accept “patients” with no demonstrable mental illness from government officials keen to find ways to silence people who complain about them, doctors and lawyers said.

“It’s not just one or two isolated cases,” said Xu Yonghai, formerly a psychiatrist at the Beijing Psychiatric Hospital. “This is a very common phenomenon.”

He was speaking after authorities in the central province of Henan announced they would sack five local officials after they sent 59-year-old petitioner Xu Lindong to a mental institution for 6-1/2 years based on forged documents.

“As a doctor, it’s possible to get the diagnosis wrong, because that happens in any society,” Xu Yonghai said.

“But for a doctor in China, there is another phenomenon, which is interference from the government.”

“They might be pretty sure that there’s no mental illness, but do it to solve a security problem. So for example petitioners or people in property disputes with their families can get taken to a mental hospital,” he said.

“This isn’t a good thing. Does it exist? Yes, it definitely does.”

Well-publicized case

Xu Lindong, of Daliu township in Henan’s Luohe city, was incarcerated in the Madian Municipal Psychiatric Hospital after he tried to take the complaints of his disabled neighbor, Zhang Guizhi, to a higher level, according to official media reports that first broke in the cutting-edge Southern Metropolis News.

Xu was then transferred to the Luohe City Psychiatric Hospital.

He was held against his will for a total of 6-1/2 years, was put under physical restraints 50 times, and tortured with electric batons 55 times, the reports said.

In an interview, Xu confirmed the accounts of his treatment. “It was barely tolerable,” he said.

“I couldn’t sleep or eat. I felt it was better to die than to live, and tried to kill myself. [But] when I thought I might not see my family again, I became stronger.”

“You have to be strong in such a place,” he said.

News of Xu’s torture and incarceration has now been widely reported on Chinese Internet news sites and on television.

Chang Boyang, Xu’s lawyer, said that Xu was released because of pressure resulting from media coverage of his case.

“We have not filed a case in court yet. We want to see if the authorities will investigate the [sacked] officials’ criminal responsibility and prosecute them for the infringement of Xu’s physical freedom.”

The mayor of Daliu township, surnamed Wang, said he is aware of the situation and has sent money and gifts to Xu to aid his recovery.

“He is living a very good life now. A local official told me so,” said Wang, adding that he wasn’t in office at the time of Xu Lindong’s detention.

“We are working to help his recovery. Both the mayor and Party secretary have sent him gifts and money.”

Officials let go

He confirmed official media reports that Daliu deputy Party secretary Yang Yaoqin and four other district officials had been fired for abuse of official power and for the forgery of documents needed to commit Xu to the mental institution.

“That is the punishment delivered by the district government,” Wang said.

“They will definitely lose their jobs. The punishment won’t be any joke.”

Asked if the officials would face criminal prosecution, Wang said, “That’s for the law to decide.”

Zhan Jiang, professor of international news at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, said the media reporting of Xu Lindong’s treatment has raised the ante.

“Once you have a free flow of information, then the pressure really grows on government officials,” Zhan said.

“When such an ugly business gets hidden and then comes to light, it sparks a lot of public anger.”

Earlier cases

The sackings come after a similar case in the central province of Hubei earlier this month.

Petitioners Peng Baoquan and Deng Xiahua were committed to the Maojian District Psychiatric Hospital in Shiyan city after they tried to film a protest outside the gates of a local chemical company.

They were released after the media reported their whereabouts.

Beijing-based civil rights lawyer Li Fangping said local authorities across China are increasingly using “mental illness” as an excuse to lock up people who tried to complain about them to higher levels of government.

Meanwhile, Guangzhou-based civil rights lawyer Liu Shihui said he had represented petitioners in another case in Shiyan city, where two sisters surnamed Jin were released from a psychiatric hospital only last week.

“The older sister … said she had been beaten and injected with drugs,” Liu said.

“The younger sister … said she was beaten nearly to death. This was on Dec. 14 last year, when Jin Hanqin was beaten by doctors in the psychiatric hospital, and then given five successive injections of drugs, which left her unable to see anything much at all.”

Younger Jin sister

He said the Jin sisters denied having gone to complain about local officials in Beijing, and that the authorities had made a mistake.

They were locked up in the mental institution for more than seven months, he added.

Guangdong-based civil rights lawyer Tang Jingling said reports of such cases do seem to be on the increase.

“We have seen quite a few of these cases come to light recently,” Tang said.

“Someone is taken to a psychiatric institution, locked up and stripped of their ability to act on their own behalf, whether by individuals, organizations, or even government departments.”

Original reporting in Mandarin by Qiao Long and Shi Shan, and in Cantonese by Feng Renyao and Bi Zimuk. Mandarin service director: Jennifer Chou. Cantonese service director: Shiny Li. Translated and written for the Web in English by Luisetta Mudie. Edited by Sarah Jackson-Han.

Link to original story on RFA website

After reading this story, can the Obama Administration justify its tyranny against the sovereign State of Arizona for trying to protect its citizens against illegal immigration?  For doing the job that the Obama administration is not doing?

Arizona Immigration Law S.B. 1070 cannot be compared to the Human Rights travesty that has happened to Chinese citizen, Xu Lindong.

Can this happen in our country??

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Expected Midterm Election Losses For Dems Brings President Obama’s Thuggish Roots Front And Center

President Obama’s Abuse of Power

by Herbert I. London
October 25, 2010 at 4:30 am

President Barack Obama, with massive midterm losses looming and his presidency potentially paralyzed as a result, has made the startling claim that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was accepting foreign donations to launch a campaign against him, a charge that even the NY Times – an enthusiatic Obama supporter – described as “groundless.”

Having relied on the claim of one blog, the president echoed the charge at a Maryland political rally: “So groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections,” he said,” and they won’t tell you where the money for their ads come from.”


Tom Donahue, President of U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Tom Donahue, president of the Chamber, immediately denied the accusation, explaining that strict accounting procedures keep foreign and domestic contributions separate. Remarkably, denunciation of the president’s claims spanned the political spectrum with some liberals suggesting the president “went too far” in the direction of stifling dissent; and David Axelrod, the president’s senior advisor, conceded that the administration had no evidence to support the president’s claim.

Nonetheless, Axelrod and the president stuck to their guns by suggesting the Chamber “may have” violated U.S. laws. Axelrod asked, “do you have any evidence it is not [true]?”

Overlooked by most members of the press corps were the questionable contributions to the Obama campaign on foreign credit cards, a claim that had more than a semblance of hearsay.

Atlas Shrugs to the rescue.  Pamela Geller uncovered everything in this article, Obama’s Contributions: Foreign and Domestic

It seems that the president is trying find a political argument wthat has traction. Allegations against the Chamber fall into the category of a populist denunciation of big business, even though Democratic operatives are assuring job-generating corporations they are on their side, and reciients of bailouts posted record bonuses this year.


Senator Al Franken


With Senator Al Frankin calling for a Federal Election Commission probe, a campaign is being launched despite the lack of evidence. The Democratic National Committee released an ad castigating the Chamber as “shills for big business.” Of course, the purpose of the Chamber — what it was organized to do — is to represent business interests.

The underlying issue, the one that has a chilling effect on campaigns, is the unleashing of government power to silence political opponents.

By any standard, this presidential claim is an abuse of power that should be condemned by every member of the media.

President Obama insists through indirect assertions that “you don’t know. It could be the oil industry. It could be the insurance industry. It could even be foreign owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose.” Indeed since you don’t know, it could be the tooth fairy. This is an example of the Cicero gambit: As you do not have any facts on which to rely, make speculative arguments especially with reference to unpopular entities such as the oil and insurance industries.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case allows organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce to advertise for and against candidates of their choice and to accept anonymous donations in order to do so. President Obama indicated he does not support the Court’s decision, but like it or not, it is the law of the land.

(Of course, we will never forget the moment …)

The fact that the questionable claims have become an issue may be an effort to shift concern from jobs and the precarious nature of the economy to campaign practices. But without evidence, and with the arrogant display of political power, this stratagem has backfired on the president and the Democratic Party.

Can the president dig his way out of this matter before November and convince voters that he will not abuse the power of this office?

On election day the answer will be clear.

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