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From ‘Ahab The Arab’ – To – ‘Come To The USA’

Ray Stevens has a song that is creating a buzz around the internet these days.  It’s called Come To The USA. Stevens is concerned about the chipping away of America’s liberties and the poor decisions being made by our politicians. He supports Arizona’s illegal immigration law SB 1070 and commends Gov. Jan Brewer.

While he supports LEGAL immigration, he is flat-out against ILLEGAL immigration.

Listen closely to the different immigration laws of other countries that Ray sings about in Come To The USA

and before he wrote Come To The USA , he penned this little gem called We The People.  He lists every single complaint we  the people have with this administration.  Also noteworthy – he avoids saying the A _ _ word that our unpresidential president is using these days to try to show toughness.

and before that he gave us this timely piece, Throw The Bums Out

and a few years back he wrote this classic, Everything Is Beautiful

but the Ray Stevens song that really stands out to me is, Ahab The Arab.  This was written all the way back in the day in 1962 when America was still America, problems and all, but AMERICA. If he tried to write this song today, he would have trouble with the PC police and the present administration. So, we can see why he writes the songs he’s writing today.

here’s Ahab The Arab

God Bless America

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