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Speaking Of Sarah, They Are Real

As almost everyone knows by now, a rumor started on the Wonkette blog about Sarah Palin and whether she has had breast augmentation or not.  What will her haters do next?  I am female and heterosexual and a solid supporter and admirer of the former governor of Alaska.

Lately, Sarah has kicked Obama’s a$$ left and right on his glaring incompetence in the non-handling of the Gulf Oil disaster.  She has even asked him to give her a phone call just to share her experiences with the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska back in 1989. To any normal person, this would be a helpful phone call.  To Obama, it is beneath him to reach out to anyone, least of all, Governor Palin.

Her heat on the Obama administration’s incompetence has been so hot until the Obama kool-aid drinkers are trying to do anything to change the subject even when they know that Sarah Palin could be a great help to Obama during this disaster.  So what do they do??  They plastered these photos on their blogs –

These pictures of Sarah were obviously pasted together by Palin's haters to compare/contrast supposedly body modifications

The two photos to the left were taken before 2010 and the photo on the immediate right is of the governor at Belmont Races in Belmont NY.

She was there this past weekend with her husband, Todd.

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and husband Todd in the paddock to see First Dude run in the 142nd Belmont Stakes Day at Belmont Park Racetrack, Belmont, New York.

The commentary on the Wonkette blog emphasized the question of augmentation work was something Sarah ‘is not talking about.’


Last night Governor Palin went On The Record with Greta and this is what Sarah had to say –

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, it’s sort of interesting, Governor. I’ll take a bet with you. Maybe you won’t take this bet with me. But the last segment, we discussed policy. I asked about energy policy since energy is so important to your home state of Alaska. My guess is this next question I’m going to ask you, which is the buzz of the Internet, it’s in mainstream media — I bet it gets more attention than our discussion about energy. So here it is. Breast implants! Did you have them or not? Because that’s all over the Internet about you, and mainstream media.

PALIN: Well, first, Greta, you know why we love you? Because you’re not afraid to ask the questions. And I got to respect you for asking that question because I know that “boobgate” is all over the Internet right now because there are a lot of, I guess, bored, idle bloggers and reporters with nothing else to talk about. And I think some of those folks, too, they need to grab a shovel, go down to the gulf, volunteer to help, clean up and save a whale or something instead of reporting on such stupid things like that.

No, I have not had implants. I can’t believe, yes, that we’re even talking about this. I think a report like that is about as real and truthful as those reports that Todd and I are divorcing or that I bought a place in the Hamptons or that Trigg is not my own child. And we still put up with that kind of garbage, too, in even the mainstream media, Greta. It’s amazing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, the reason I — I mean, I hope that puts an end to it and I hope we don’t, you know, be obsessed at it. But it is extraordinary how — you know, the fact — the truth is, is that — you know, is that you show up on — on — with the short shorts on the Newsweek cover. That was not a picture you gave Newsweek. Newsweek actually went out and looked for that one. You’ve got situations where Secretary of State Clinton gets clobbered. And the thing that — besides the fact of what happens to you and to Secretary of State Clinton and other women who are successful in politics is that — where are the feminists who are so appalled at — when things are supposedly — have you — have you heard from them?

PALIN: No, Greta. And that is what’s fascinating to me about all of this, too, about this — this kind of platform that I’ve been blessed to be able to stand on and get a message out there to other Americans, and so much of the ignoring of that message and focus on superficial, really ridiculous aspects of who I am or maybe other women are. For other women who are in positions of some authority and some influence, for them to participate in what it is that, for instance, Newsweek does and some of these reporters talking about breast implants — to see other women participate in this I think really certainly diminishes their cause for women’s rights and for equal treatment of women. It baffles me that they would want to participate in this.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it’s a bit disappointing, since the whole idea of the women’s movement on both sides of the aisle was to make sure women had a level playing field, that they had the same opportunity as men. And if the women are part of the gossip and are promoting it — and the buzz on this last round with you is enormous. I mean, if you Google your name, I mean, there are — there are, you know, lots of, lots of articles about this. I mean, it really is distressing that the women aren’t stepping up and saying, Look, you know, I agree with Governor Palin or I don’t agree with Governor Palin, but this isn’t right, you know, that we’re — that we do this to her or to any other women, to — I used Secretary of State Clinton as another example.

PALIN: Yes, I think it’s pretty ridiculous. And what it does, it ends up ultimately wasting time and wasting people’s energies. Here’s an example of how it kind of wastes some time. To be judged on or to be talked about on appearance, say chest size — it makes me wear layers. It makes me have to waste time figuring out, What am I going to wear so that nobody will look in an area that I don’t need them to look at? I want them to hear what it is that I’m saying. It ends up wasting time and that’s just very, very unfortunate.

It is all very unfortunate.  I thought about whether I should post this issue or not because we should talk about what this present administration is not doing for our country.  The more I thought about it – the angrier I got and so I decided to surf around the internet and pick photos that show that Governor Palin is the same in 2007 and 2008 as she is today in 2010 – it is very obvious that the blogs who claim that there is a difference in Governor Palin’s body in 2010 are lying again –

Sarah Palin visited wounded troops in a military hospital in Germany in 2007. It was no photo opp. She genuinely cared about her AK National Guard soldiers. Obama canceled in 2008 and went shopping in Berlin instead.

Gov. Sarah Palin visits Army Private James Pattison during a morale tour at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl , Germany, July 26, 2007. Private Pattison is being treated at LRMC for injuries he suffered while downrange.

Governor Palin visits soldiers in Kuwait in 2007

CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (center) arms a simulated roadside bomb on the IED defeat course at the training village on Camp Buehring, Kuwait. (July 2007)

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin exits a jet at the Life Support Area, Kuwait with Maj. Gen. Michael Sumrall, assistant to the chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff for National Guard matters. Palin visited the soldiers of 3rd Battalion 297th Infantry Regiment Alaska National Guard to learn about their mission in Kuwait.

Video of Governor Palin in Kuwait 2007

Palin on the campaign 2008

Sarah, you go girl!

Video of Governor Palin in Kosovo 2009


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